Out of State Volunteer Dentists Now able to Practice Pro-Bono in Oregon with New Temporary License Bill

By: ODA Staff

The 2012 passage of SB 1509, which authorizes dental professionals who are licensed in other states and in good standing to practice dentistry without compensation in Oregon, was a celebrated victory for the Oregon Dental Association.

Oregon is now among the 39 other states, a growing number, that are providing dental boards the authority to license volunteer dentists who agree to donate their services to underserved populations, in an attempt to improve access to dental care.

“The passage of this bill will mean increased man-power at things like the Oregon Mission of Mercy. Which will, in turn, allow us to see and treat more people” said ODA Executive Director, Bill Zepp. Oregon Mission of Mercy is the ODA’s annual 2-day free dental clinic.  Last year 2,023 patients were seen over the 2 day clinic, which gave over $1.23million in free care out on a first come first serve basis. “This year, OrMOM is in Medford in September, so we are excited to be able to recruit willing dentists from across the border to help,” continued Zepp.

At the 2011 Mission Mercy we gave $1.2 million in free care to over 2,000 people at the Convention Center, Thanksgiving week, all thanks to our volunteers! To learn more about Oregon Mission of Mercy visit our website.

This temporary license is good for up to 5 consecutive days in any 12 month period, after the application is approved by the Oregon Board of Dentistry.

We are still looking for volunteers for this year’s Mission of Mercy in Medford, Oregon. If you are interested in getting a temporary license, fill out this form. The Board requires at least ten days to process the form, so get your application in early!


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