What is the gold standard in dentistry? Gold!

By Dr. Daniel Saucy

What is the gold standard in dentistry? Gold! Gold foil fillings are gold restorations that are accomplished in one visit. Gold foil restorations are the most biocompatible dental material available. Pure gold is inert and causes no local tissue reaction. Gold foil restorations expand and contract at the same rate as the natural tooth. Gold foil restorations don’t break down around the edges of the fillings like our other filling materials. Gold foil does not turn the tooth grey as it ages.

What is the problem with providing gold foil restorations for every patient? The number one reason in my patients’ minds is that, “It is not white!” The other main reason is the expense of the treatment. However, if performed in a timely manner the cost can be greatly reduced. We have to use a rubber dam for our composit plastic restorations; using gold isn’t much more of a project.

Gold foil restorations are best used as the initial restoration for a tooth; it can help avoid repetitive replacement that many of our filling materials eventually require. I like to do buccal pits and occlusal restorations on children and teenagers.  Gold foil restorations require great skill and attention to detail by the dentist. Talk to your dentist about your options.

The above information is provided by the American Academy of Gold Foil Operators.



Dr. Saucy is a general dentist that practices in Salem, Oregon. A graduate of the OHSU School of Dentistry, Dr. Saucy has been practicing in Oregon for 30 years. Dr. Saucy is a member of the Alex Jeffery Gold Foil Research Group, a gold foil study club that meets and operates monthly at the OHSU Dental Continuing Education Department.  Dr. Saucy is the Chair of ODA’s Government Relations Council.


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