Why don’t all my fans see all my posts in their newsfeed?

Facebook phoneBy Edward J. Zuckerberg, D.D.S.


If you are like most Facebook business page owners, you are probably wondering why not all of your posts reach everyone who has subscribed to your page, especially if you were one of the first to build a Facebook page for your business back in 2008 when the feature first rolled out.  Back then, Facebook had just reached the 100 million user milestone and businesses were just starting to develop pages.  Contrast that with 1.3 billion individual users today and 30 million business pages.  30 million may not seem like a lot compared to the number of individual users, but when you consider that most businesses post more often than individual users and use tools available only to businesses to increase newsfeed penetration, the number is significant.  The net result is that competition for the limited space at the top of the newsfeed is ever increasing.  The newsfeed is the heart of Facebook’s product offering.  It’s the default screen that users see when they first log in to the site and it’s the place where users get the personalized information that keeps them glued to the site an average of 20 minutes a day, and for many, an hour or more each day.  It is in Facebook’s best interest to have the content here be of high value and interest to the user to sustain them on the site longer, generate more page views, clicks on ads and links and generally create more value for advertisers that allows them to charge higher ad rates.

So how do they make the experience the best it can be for their users?  The key is their algorithm to determine the popularity or value of each post to the users.  The formula favors posts that have generated a lot of engagement.  This is measurable whenever a post gets a like, comment or share, or a link in the post is clicked on.  The more measurable engagement, the higher the score a post gets and the higher the likelihood that the post will viewable in the newsfeed among fans in the case of a business post, or among friends in the case of a personal profile post.  In addition friend statuses are divided further into categories such as close friends and family which naturally score higher.  Also, any individuals and businesses which a user has engaged with in the past will be assumed to have a special interest to the user that will allow those posts to score higher as well.  Lastly, only businesses are allowed to pay to increase newsfeed penetration of their posts.  The two most popular methods are to directly boost a particular post which will allow a business to gain increased views of a post that they believe to be valuable to gain a large reach, or to create a sponsored post which can be used to reach the newsfeeds not only of existing fans, but also to prospective new clients who might be personal friends of existing fans or who might fall into some demographic that Facebook has allowed the business to use to target audiences for their messages.

The bottom line is that in order for your posts to reach as high a percentage as possible of your target audience, you need valuable content that your users will engage with and a budget to boost your messages to compete with the ever increasing numbers of businesses that are utilizing Social Media Marketing in an effort to reach their audiences.


ZuckerbergDr. Zuckerberg maintains two facebook pages: Facebook.com/painlesssocialmedia to support other Dental Offices and small businesses in their social media marketing efforts and facebook.com/painlessdrz for the patients of his Dental Practice.

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